Local Skunk Removal

As soon as you discover you have a skunk on your property, it is imperative that you look at skunk removal and animal control. Waiting to see if the skunk goes away on its own is a waste of time. You will require the immediate service of an  expert animal removal company that specializes in wildlife removal.  Although the issue at hand may be skunk removal, keep in mind that these issues can often draw additional nuisances requiring the need for bird control.  While you are already in need of animal services, be sure to have the professional inspect your attic, as you may need the services of bat removal, as well.

One obvious concern is the smell. The odor is powerful and can take a long time to go away. If the smell gets into your home – structure, carpet, drapes, and furniture – they are likely to be damaged permanently.

Other than the smell, skunks can cause major destruction – especially if you have a garden. Skunks are digging animals and cause problems when they search for worms and bugs to eat. They also get into your garbage, and that causes a mess.

While skunks are not typically aggressive, they are known to bite dogs and cats who get too close. They can also carry diseases like rabies and distemper, and they may also have fleas, ticks, and mites. The skunk could also spray your pets if it feels threatened, and that causes difficult problems you will need to take care of. Obviously you – nor your pet – should get close to a skunk.

Call the Experts

It is much better to call a professional animal control technician than try to deal with the problem yourself. This is much safer, and you won’t risk getting sprayed. Chances are very good that a non-professional trying to trap the skunk will end in the skunk spraying. This could lead to property damage, an obvious odor issue that will need to be dealt with, and the potential of being temporary blinded.